It all started in 2004 with his first photography course, which transformed Hatem Saleh's interest in photography into an ambitious passion. Ever since, he took this passion for photography to another level.  A self-taught talent, Hatem turned into a skilled photographer after six years of experimentation and created concepts. By 2010, he had mastered the art of taking spot-on visuals reflecting his eye for detail and mood capturing kicking off his career as a professional. 

In addition to pursuing his ambition as a professional photographer, in the last nine years, Hatem has been leading a team of graphic designers as a full-time art director for one of Egypt’s renowned advertising agencies. His role as an art director and his advertising background gave him an accurate, and first-hand insight into the creative and post-production needs for clients aiming for strong brand recognition. 

Hatem Saleh’s photography has been described as bold and conceptual and has been featured in top local magazines. His edge is reflected most obviously in fashion, as well as in product and food photography. Nescafe, Maggi, Sprite, PETA, Abercrombie & Kent, Costa Coffee, Bupa International, The British Council, are a few of his internationally recognized clients.  

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